A Brief History of the Commission

A consultation meeting took place in June 2011 at ‘The Centre for Catholic Formation in Tooting Bec’ with Brian Noble and several members of the Spirituality Committee of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales which was set up in 2002.

This meeting was part of a series of consultations that have been carried out in the different dioceses by members of the Spirituality Committee – in order to draw up a picture of the ‘profile of Spirituality ‘in each of the Dioceses of England and Wales.

The aim of this first meeting (which brought together about 15 people from the diocese with an interest in Spirituality including Bishop Pat Lynch) was to become aware and share together the existing spiritual resources within the Diocese, identify the different Spiritual needs of such a diverse people, and begin to explore the question of how Spirituality could have a higher profile.

As a lot of interest and enthusiasm was evident at this initial meeting the group decided they felt it important to meet again to take the conversation further and explore first and foremost what spiritual resources there were in the Diocese, find ways of making these more widely known, as well as exploring new ideas and initiatives towards promoting good practice especially in the area of prayer.  A Spirituality committee was formed in 2011 of about 15 people that continued to meet 3 X times a year until the committee In November 2104 was officially recognised by Archbishop Peter Smith and became The Spirituality Commission of the Diocese of Southwark.