What has the Commission achieved?


A Spiritual Audit was carried out as a mapping exercise of the Spirituality Resources which exist in the Diocese at the present time – working from a grid and meeting with the Deans of some of the Deaneries and a number of Parish Priests, (For this exercise samplings were taken from a variety of areas across the Diocese)


Audit Collating of the information of the Mapping audit, and provide a summary for the Archbishops Council (click here for the PDF summary)

Spiritual Direction Preparation of a leaflet on ‘What is Spiritual Direction/accompaniment’ alongside a Directory for the Diocese of Spiritual Directors. The leaflet was reviewed and printed in 2014 (click here for a PDF of the leaflet).

Preparation of the day in the Cathedral : December 6th 2014- ‘Teach us to Pray – a celebration of the Spiritual Heritage of the Diocese’.  The Key note speaker was Sister Gemma Simmonds and workshops were run by the Religious of the Diocese coming from the different Spiritual families.  

Since 2013 – to date the Commission has begun to explore the following questions:

Is there a structure within the Diocese/Deanery with a specific focus on Spirituality?  What can the Commission help to facilitate?

How are the Spiritual Resources within a Diocese made available to Parishes as well as being accessible to those outside the Church who are seeking God in their lives, and even more specifically is there a role/structure/person/group within the Diocese to whom this particular ministry is entrusted?     

What and where are the provisions/resources within the diocese at Deanery/parish level for Spiritual Nourishment, Formation in Prayer, Spiritual Direction, Retreats etc?

Bearing in mind the diversity of the people in the Southwark Diocese, the different cultures, and languages, as well as trying to identify people needs and to respond to a desire for spiritual nourishment, how do we see the existing resources become more widely developed and available within the Diocese?