Projects and Planning


Aim:   To listen to the wider Church in order to discern how the Commission might best serve the needs of the diocese today.


  • To engage with 2-3 areas of the diocese by running this event 2 -3 times across the year.
  • To introduce the Commission, its role and its members.
  • To offer opportunities for conversation within a context of prayer and reflection, in order to discern the strengths of current spiritual practice within parishes, deaneries and other networks as well as identifying what might be key areas of development that the Commission should prioritise moving forward.  
  • To begin to build networks of contacts. 
  • To support local energies and enthusiasms within the field of Catholic spirituality.

The Commission propose to hold three ‘sounding events’ in three different localities across the diocese each year. Two such gatherings have been held thus far:

15 October 2016 (Maidstone deanery and surrounding area) - St Peter's, Bearsted, ME15 8NJ

28 January 2017 (Lewisham deanery and surrounding area) - Holy Cross, Catford, SE6 2JS

It was recommended that the parish life audit undertaken a couple of years ago by the Spirituality Committee be re-visited to see if there are parishes in those areas that have active groups to connect with in preparation for the events. The need to work through and alongside the deans was emphasised.

Areas that have been identified as part of long-term planning

Development and maintaining the Spirituality Commission Website – tool for information and resources, and Spiritual Links, Articles.

Networking - Finding ways of making existing spirituality resources known throughout the Diocese.

Organise Diocesan Days focussing on some aspect of Spiritual Formation- workshops – kaleidoscope of Prayer …

Promoting and making known the different Spiritual families that exist within the Southwark diocese: Franciscan  - Ignatian - Dominican – Carmelite –  especially those that have a Retreat Spirituality Centre (Use of Web Site)

Working in conjunction with the different Commissions and committees of the Diocese: 

  • Committee for the Ongoing Formation of Priests
  • Education Commission – Children’s Spirituality
  • Chaplaincies – Hospital – School – Ethnic Chaplaincies - Prisons
  • Youth Service
  • Stewardship
  • Christian Unity Commission
  • Liturgy Commission
  • Justice and Peace

Development and promotion ministry of spiritual direction:-  tools to explore our relationship with God and develop a shared language, encourage provision of this within the Diocese. Provision of Directory.

Produce tools for Training Days-

  • How to prepare a Quiet Day
  • How to prepare A Week of Accompanied Prayer (different formats)
  • How to prepare a mini-Retreat whilst staying at home(weekend)

Spiritual literacy – not jargon. A model which can then be taken into different cultural areas

Explore ways:  to engage with the life of Christ, through Scripture, ways of praying etc. Empower that they may recognise that they are loved by God.  

Explore Silence – prayer and a personal relationship – listening and sharing

Producing a spiritual ‘package’ – module/resource-   ‘Well-Springs of living water’ a resource on ‘Ways of Praying’ that can be used in a Parish or Deanery grouping – module  - 

Develop an appropriate language that facilitates the silent thirst we all recognise to be in the parishes, groups etc.

Promotion of the guide/working book from the Bishops’ Conference:  ‘Do you Love me’.

Encourage Spiritual Conversation:   Promotion and use of ‘Sharing our Spiritual Treasures’.

Produce a regular article on some aspect of Spirituality for ‘The Pilgrim', the diocesan newspaper

How can you be part of the reflection and work of the Spiritual Commission?

  • How do you see the present profile of spirituality in the diocese in the Parish where you worship?
  • What are your spiritual needs and what do you perceive are the current ‘spiritual’ needs in the diocese/deaneries/your own parish?
  • What would you like to see happening that isn’t? How would you see things moving forward?
  • What would you be able to offer personally if we envisage some form of ‘spiritual’ structure for the future in your deanery, parish?
    • Administration
    • Publicity
    • Be part of a working party of the Commission
    • Links person for your parish
    • A specific role where you feel you have something to offer.

Let us know what you think on the questions above by:

  1. writing to us c/o Spirituality Commission, The Centre for Catholic Formation, 21 Tooting Bec Road, London, SW17 8BS or
  2. by email or
  3. by filling in the webform below.
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