Taste and see that the Lord is good

Vadstena - Sweden

Vadstena - Sweden

‘Taste and see that the Lord is good, Happy are those who take refuge in God’ (Psalm 34)

As the summer months begin to draw to a close and already the evenings and daylight become shorter it is good each evening simply to sit for a while to pause and reflect on the day. Psalm 34 is just one of the many Psalms which make us aware of the importance of our senses when we look at the world around us, and noticing how they help us to look positively and praise God.

‘Taste and See’ is just the beginning - if we read the Psalm more closely the Psalmist talks about our listening, our tongue, our gaze, our eyes, our ears, our lips. Sharpening our senses can help us to become more aware of the goodness of God in all around us, but also our senses can also be a source of evil and lead us to separation from God. For the ‘wandering’ moments when we have used our ears, our eyes, our lips, our touch not within the perspective of God’s love- we ask for God’s forgiveness and loving mercy, to bring us back to ‘our true senses!’

As the daylight draws to a close let us pause and thank God for the day, this day and all that it has contained,all that is and all that will be.   We ask for the grace for tomorrow to sharpen our senses so that we may - ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’. Created in God’s image we are first and foremost called to praise and glory in His Holy Name, entrusting our world to his loving care.  

Reflection by Sister Diane Reynolds (Chair of the Spirituality Commission)