Why Spirituality?

Jesus did not come just to teach us a new set of commandments. He came to bring us into a new relationship with God, who invites us to share his life – not only after death but also here on earth. Our public and private prayer, and all that comes under the general heading of spirituality, is therefore an essential part of our Christian life.

The place of the liturgy and sacramental life is clearly central for Catholics. The Mass is the ‘source and summit’ of our life.  In order to appreciate just how central it is Spirituality focuses on the development of a personal relationship with Christ. It is our relationship with the living Lord which gives life to our celebration of the Liturgy.  Our part in the sacramental life of the Church will become ever richer and deeper as that relationship develops.           

Quote from the Introduction of ‘Do You Love Me’: A practical guide to Catholic Prayer and Spirituality, a handbook written on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales by a working party of the Spirituality Committee of the Bishops’ Conference (2014).